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A series of podcasts featuring leading experts in their respective fields, thought leaders and innovators.

Series One has a focus on the response to Covid19 with subsequent series exploring the opportunities and support for businesses looking to the future.

Series Two was all about Managing Forward and looking ahead beyond a crisis

Series Three is a focus on “Passion” what drives us on, provides a focal point for ambitions, our North Star? We hear the stories of individuals with inspirational journeys and take notes on the lessons they learnt along the way.

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Wayne Hemingway is one of the UK's most successful designers and entrepreneurs. His journey is one that lends itself to being crafted into a movie. Take a listen and see if you agree.

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Guests Share their Passion, the overriding purpose that drives them forward

A Passion for Radio and Desire to Find Happiness - "Believe to Achieve" an Inspirational Conversation
The "Great Resignation" has swept across the USA and the pandemic has created a similar phenomenon in the UK. Evan shares his insights...there are many!
French tour de force Morgan Defre belives passionately about making a difference. This highly talented artist to the stars is on an ascent of his own. A few minutes in his company and you can see why. This podcast will make you smile.
A remarkable story from the UK's first openly gay, black police officer.
Take the Leap is precisely what Sahar did. Find out how that worked out and what you can discover about yourself by stepping outside that comfort zone.
Hawking, Zuckerberg, Musk, Berners-Lee, Lane-Fox and many more. Plenty of entertaining anecdotes and insights in this compelling conversation
With the loss of many big brand names and continual rise in online shopping, what future do we see for our High Streets? Graham shines a light and it's a bright one!
Discussing the STEM Returners Index with Founder Natalie Desty

Managing Forward

Talking About Steve's New Book The Smart Money Method
If You're Going to Build it, Do it Properly Or They Simply Won't Come!
Entrepreneurial Pioneer, Wonder Woman, Inspiration to Generations...You'll Love This Podcast.
Award Winning Broadcast Journalist Felicity Hannah on Ghost Stories, Philosophy, Lego, Space Invaders and Early Mornings...
Fizzness Guru Amanda Thomson
Ticket's Please the Voice of London Buses
Sales, Sideburns and a Side Hustle
Insights from an Opinion Former

Coping with Covid-19

Cyber Claire - Tackling Risk in Business
Guy Kilty's Secret to Successful Podcasting Shared
Flower Power to the Rescue - Fighting for Parity
Tim Ringo Solves the Productivity Puzzle
Furlough Focus with Innes Clark
Wendy Sneddon Turns Ideas Into Action
Gladiator's Jet Gives Advice on Battling the Blues