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One of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs and influential designers, Wayne Hemingway, shares his story, challenges, successes and passions. Northern Soul, Vintage Clothing, Circular Economy and Efficient, Effective Design all this and more in a wonderfully insightful conversation.

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BAFTA winner Gamal Turawa shares his remarkable story. The UK’s first openly gay, black police officer may be enough to mark your life experience but this is a journey that begins far before the famous public announcement in uniform.

Take the Leap is precisely what the co-founder of Coffee Republic Sahar Hashemi did. Author and entrepreneur Sahar describers in detail how that risky first step into her first business worked out and the important lessons you can learn by stepping outside your comfort zone.

French tour de force Morgan Defre belives passionately about making a difference. This highly talented artist to the stars is on an ascent of his own. A few minutes in his company and you can see why. This podcast will make you smile.

The “Great Resignation” has swept across the USA and the pandemic has created a similar phenomenon in the UK. Evan shares his insights…there are many!

BBC technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones has to date enjoyed a long and very eventful career. In this vodcast we get to dive into his book “Always On” and explore the detail behind his meeting with Stephen Hawking and what happened on his Tesla road trip on his way to interview Elon Musk. Lots to unpack in this fascinating chat.

Founder of STEM Returners, Natalie Desty talks about a new survey that highlights the lack of equality, inclusivity and diversity in sectors involving Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics

With the loss of many big brand names and continual rise in online shopping, what future do we see for our High Streets? Graham shines a light and it’s a bright one!

Fitness and Wellbeing Expert, Qualified Psychotherapist and Gladiator – Diane Youdale helps us find a way through lockdowns and tiers with some invaluable tips and guidance.

CEO and Founder of Thomson & Scott, Amanda Thomson is leading the global shift to delicious alcohol-free drinking with a groundbreaking bottle of fizz branded “Noughty”.


BBC Presenter, Journalist and Podcast Entrepreneur Guy Kilty offer some invaluable tips to those wishing to create and grow an audience for a successful podcast.

CEO of MORI , Kelly Beaver on the work her team is undertaking to help us through the Covid-19 Pandemic and their wider remit in supporting the business community.

Co-Founder of Excluded UK Rachel Flower on building and managing an online community that’s driven by a passionate cause.

Cyber Risk Specialist, Claire Davey outlines the challenges facing businesses in the current economic crisis and amidst a global pandemic. A refreshing insight that is thankfully and deliberately jargon-lite.